facebook like box and bigger logo

The Facebook-Likebox, leading to the Facebook-Fanpage of ThePyhtonGameBook is finally working. I had to use Dokuwikis facebook-plugin instead of the html-code generated by facebook to make it work inside Dokuwiki.

Please make use of the “like” button to boost my ego.

facebook like box and big logo

Also while editing the start page of ThePythonGameBook, i come to the conclusion that there is no point of having a nice logo and showing it only at reduced resolution. So the logo of Tux, holding ThePythonGameBook is now visible in the mighty original resolution of 491×541 pixels. The logo was created by Yun Xiang of www.idesire.at. Note that in the logo graphic, the writing on the backside of the book is in German (i forgot to tell the artist i want it in English) and means “How do i program a game?”. The writing on the frontside is the name of my company, spielend-programmieren. This can be translated with “coding while playing”.

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