making money with Flattr.

Yes, i make money with ThePythonGameBook. 0,28 € in march 2011 alone, to be exact. That is an incrase of a googolplex percent above febrary 2011, where i made impressive 0,00 €.

Flattr revenues for march 2011: 28 cents !

I made this money with the help of the Flattr button. As you can see in the flattr revenue screenshot, flattr takes 10% of my 31 cent, leaving me 28 cent.
However, my monthly (minimum) flattr fee is 2 €, so i did not made any money out of ThePythonGamebook, i just lowered my monthly cost for Flattr by 14%.

Flattr is not my only source of income, i also have some Amazon ads in the wiki, but no Google AdSense ads. The reason is that i find google ads annoying on other websites so i want my own wiki to be free of it. Some plans to “monetize” ThePythonGameBook are to sell a paper version, an ebook version and a special version for teachers. All content of the wiki is licensed under a Creative-Commons-BY-SA license, meaning you are free to find your own ways of how to make money out of ThePythonGameBook, as long as the content stays free and you cite me correctly.

If you find a way to make money out of ThePythonGameBook, please send me some hints of how to to that, i’m open to suggestions.


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teaching open source game programming to kids
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5 Responses to making money with Flattr.

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  3. maloki says:

    Too bad isn’t partnered up yet, and have implemented Flattr so all their users can use it if they like (like other widget plugin stuff)

    Hoping you actually use your money to share with the rest of the community as well! 🙂 So it doesn’t get “wasted” 😉

    Good luck!

    • Horst JENS says:

      i pay 2 € / month for flattr and “spend” it on different blogs and magazin articles. You can embed a static flattr button into blogs, just copy and paste the html code of the static flattr button.

      • maloki says:

        Thank you! 🙂 I already know that 😉 I used myself earlier as well but migrated to

        What I meant whas, then you have to manually add a button for each post if it was to be so. Your readers can not decided what they want to flattr themselves but it has to be decided by you.

        Not thing wrong with it, and I know it works fully well, but the better the integration is made the liklier it is that people will flattr the content. Just from the plain idea that it’s easily done.

        Good luck in the future!

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