SuperGameDevWeekend Finale

Sadly my plans of creating a nice little game during the SuperGameDev Weekend in Vienna’s Metalab were disturbed by too much real life.

I managed however to channel some energy into ThePythonGameBook project, more on that in one of the next blog postings.

On sunday, 11. December 2011 i was in Metalab again to see the final projects. There was good mood everywhere, because Vienna’s Python User group celebrated their second anniversary with a party and a tv team from Vienna’s technical university was also present.

I had the opportunity to play 2 nearly-finished games:

Occupay bull street

screenshot of occupy bull street game
Jumping left/right in front of a Microsoft Kinec controller, you can move a bull left/right who is trampling protesters in a street. Each trampled protester is rewarded (by wall street?) with money. The goal is to make as much money as possible in a given time limit.

At the time of testing, the programming team could not get the kinet system to recognize me, but it worked with some other people.

I found the game very good made, especially the sound effects.

Octopi Wald Street

In this game 2 players control little cars by shaking Sony controllers (up/down to move forward, sideways to rotate) and have to drive their cars throug a simple maze while collecting symbols.

The funny thing was that during the game, the players (and the bystanders) were captured from a webcam and the webcam-pictures were played as a “film” after the game.

You can find project links (all on github), winners and more information about the SuperGameDev Weekend directly on the Metalab Wiki page:

Pictures / Videos

Click here to see all photos and videos i made: Picasa Webalbum about SuperGameDevWeekend2011

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