The sound of bitcoins

I heard a terrible sound from my mobile phone last night and initially feared that my mobile phone may be broken. Instead it’s my favorite sound effect now:

The sound of bitcoins arriving in my wallet

Thanks to a most honorable sponsor, i am now proud owner of no longer one single bitcoin, but instead of 5 (five) bitcoins ! I feel encriched.

While it was not the first donation for ThePythonGameBook ( i sometimes get micro-donations via flattr ) it was by far the biggest donation of money and my first bitcoin donation ever.

History: I was owner of some bitocins before but managed to destroy them when a harddisk backup got horrible wrong ( permanently reducing the amount of bitcoins worldwide ). I’m not sure how long the bitcoins will stay on my mobile phone because my mobile phone got stolen once. I learned from those events that i should not hoard my bitcoins.

I feel that bitcoins beat every other service when it comes to money-transferring quality (fast, secure, no fees, open-source). Now i look for ways to spend my bitcoins, Maybe i will use my bitcoins to help projects on kickstarter.

In case you want to send a bitcoin (or fraction of it ) to me, i made an extra large “we accept bitcoins” button on the top-right corner of ThePythonGameBook. I  will try to always post a valid bitcoin address in the FAQ of ThePythonGameBook.

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