I finally found some time to code on my ThePythonGameBook project. Due to my obsession with the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, i decided to make my own dungeon crawler:

pycrawl (on github)

The idea is to have an well documented roguelike dungeon crawl / exploration game written in pure python. Python3, i made the jump from python 2.x to python 3.x.

Combat is not yet implemented, but at least the game can generate randomzied levels:

pycrawl – random generated levels. Some walls (#) have doors (d) or are empty space (.) to create bigger rooms.

The game should be compatible with several graphic modes. At the moment, i work only with text, but i think of a sdl-based tiles-version (pygame?) and maybe one of those color text modules like the one used in Brogue or Dwarf Fortress.

Personally, i need a minimum of eye candy and play Dungeon Crawl never in text and only in graphical tiles mode.

screenshot of the tiles-version of dungeon-crawl stone soup. image source: crawl homepage (click on the image)

As i find the whole Ren’Py project a joy to code (and to use as a programming teaching tool) i may even find a connection from my pycrawl to Ren’py .. who knows.

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