Ninja IDE

Since yesterday i play around with a new python editor (IDE):

Ninja IDE:

Ninja IDE

Ninja IDE

So far this gpl3-licensed, Qt-powered, free IDE specifically written for python has made a very good impresson on me:

  • There is code completion and tooltips
  • There is an overview window to find classes and methods
  • There are no useless “compile” or “built” commands like in multi-language IDE’s (Eclipse)
  • There seem to be lots of plugins at the project hompeage (git, bazaar, code paste etc.)
  • There is a greeting screen with working, in-build irc client. Very cute!
  • There is support for ctrl+mousewheel to zoom in and out
  • I found the option to switch from python2 to python3 (or any custom python version): Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Execution
  • Ninja-IDE does not confuses Spaces with Tabs

The only irritating things that i have found so far are the black, depressing background (there is a color preference menu but i was too lazy to play around with it) and that i have to click on a rectangular “run file” icon instead of the green triangle icon (“run project”).

The guys developing Ninja-IDE accept paypal donations and even microdonations via Flattr. The wohle project is hosted on github; testers, bug-reporters, translators and contributors are welcome.

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