got my first donation via PayPal for ThePythonGamebook. This day begins incredible good 🙂

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Linux Gaming Hardware

This post is not about python but about another topic i’m always interested in: gaming on Linux.

PC. Source: wikimedia commons

Josh Klint, author of Linux Game-Enginge Leadwerk, wrote a nice blog posting about his tips on building a cost-efficent linux gaming PC from parts:

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Youtube Channel

Since i was able to connect a google+ site with a youtube channel i can prouldy present the (google+ site linked) new Youtube Channel for ThePythonGameBook:

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My slowgoblins tutorial (part of ThePythonGameBook) makes -slowly- progress, at least at Github:

Slowgoblins020 screenshot

Slowgoblins020 screenshot

It is now possible to manage teams of goblins, and let the goblins fight against each other.

Next step: introducing classes like healers, wizards and fighters. And, writing tutorial pages (with Sphinx)

Hopefully i will manage to do that before the game Dominions4 comes out (early September) and will eat away all my free time…

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Currently i am not only researching about Github pages but also about Sphinx a docutils tool to create  python documentation pages. The resulting output can be rendered in several formats ( html, pdf, man-page..) and the writing of the documentation is done by editing Restructured Text files.

The output looks very much like the official python documentation, with index, references, “next” and “previous” links etc.

I got the hint about looking into Sphinx at the Europyhton 2013 conference from a friend. 

So far i managed to include source code (not directly from Github, but from my local git folder) but without line numbers. I can force line numbers but i loose the pyglet syntax highlights so i let it be for now. 

At the moment i learn how to use links and cross-references. I don’t care for most of the python-specific features of sphinx (auto-doctest etc) because i want to write a book with some code snippets, not big code with some documentation snippets.

Basically i can do most of the stuff i currently do with dokuwiki, some things (floating side boxes) even look better. pdf output is not very good yet (graphics overwritten by background color etc), but i never managed a good pdf output with dokuwiki either. That is not because of Dokuwiki can’t do pdf, but because of my chaotic management of different dokuwiki plugins.

While i dislike the whole restructured-text markup language (compared to dokuwiki’s markup syntax) i feel that with a  bit more learning i could be able to transfer ThePythonGameBook to Sphinx and publish the sphinx-generated html files directly with github pages, while managing the sphinx source files (.rst, images etc.) with github.

The question remains if this is a good idea.

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github pages

i think about moving ThePythonGameBook from Dokuwiki toward Githup Pages.

So far i have only created some test sites listing pros and cons.

Not sure this is a good idea at all, but i am fascinated.

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Goblins tutorial

Short status update: I was last week on Europython2013 in Florence Italy and got a book about migrating from python2 to python3. Also i heard a lot of python related talks. Summary: python3 is really there, Kivy, Blender, Ubuntu, a lot of big projects support python3 now or very soon as default python.

Thanks to the book i found time and energy to do something on my ThePythonGameBook… and decided to re-do the goblins tutorial with python3.

slowgoblins screenshot using pythononlinetutor

slowgoblins screenshot using pythononlinetutor

I make heavy use of the awesome website in my tutorial. Pythontutor allows to run, edit and trace every python example direct in the webbrowser. Zero python installation necessary. Awesome.

Only problem that i found so far: python-onlinetutor refuses to make more than 300 loops… bad for my statistic examples.

A friend talked to my about Sphinix… documentation creator, easy pdf and laTex support.. i’m still stuck with Dokuwiki but it does not really integrate with Github in the way that i want.

Hopefully more posts and news in the coming days.

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