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found this extreme useful posting via the python weekly newsletter: http://codecondo.com/10-ways-to-learn-python/ It’s “just” a list of 10 beginner-friendly python learning resources. My favorite, Swaroop’s “A byte of python” is listest as well as several others that i need to check … Continue reading

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Found a nice website ( http://agedgamer.com ) with a very nice review of a old dos game written in Qbasic: Gorillas You can read the original blogpost here: http://agedgamer.com/2012/01/02/banana-bombs-gorillas-rereview/ The author of the blog posting writes nicely how a (even … Continue reading

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Blog moved to new location

This Blog moved from http://horstjens.wordpress.com to https://pythongamebook.wordpress.com Continue reading

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