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new look with Sphinx

Finally i found some time to tinker around with Sphinx, an python documentation generator. I first played around with Sphinx last summer but since then never found time for it – until now. Sphinx offer many functions useful for interlinking … Continue reading

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python3 text game

A little dungeon crawler game written in python3 with no graphics so far, everything is in naked text mode. Oddly enough, i still enjoy playtesting it, even if i normally avoid games in text mode. The idea is to use … Continue reading

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free python books A very nice website about free python books:¬†pythonbooks.revolunet.com Some ¬†books are only free to look at / to download, but some books are properly creative commons licensed.¬†ThePythonGameBook.com itself is not (yet) listed there, but i like the … Continue reading

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The pycrawl_itemdemo.py ( part of my ThePythonGameBook project ) is finally working. I re-wrote my complete class structure and i will have to apply those changes to the previous walkdemo and monsterdemo some time in the future. In the itemdemo, … Continue reading

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pycrawl_itemdemo not done yet

just a short update: I work on pycrawl_itemdemo but it is not done yet. While the demo is working in parts ( you can correctly inspect stashes of many items, you can pick up items etc. ) i keep rewriting … Continue reading

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I finally found some time to code on my ThePythonGameBook project. Due to my obsession with the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, i decided to make my own dungeon crawler: pycrawl (on github) The idea is to have an well … Continue reading

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pygame tutorial

source code on github I moved all relevant source code examples in ThePythonGameBook (from part2, pygame,step 000 until step 022) from dokuwiki to Github.com. Thanks to the clever gist-it plugin, the source code (on Github) is directly displayed on the … Continue reading

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